A cataract is clouding of your natural lens in the eye. The symptoms you may experience include misty vision, difficulty with reading or close work, an increase in your prescription as well as glare during night time driving. A cataract usually develops as an age related change. However, it can also arise as a result of diabetes (diabetic cataract), inflammation (uveitic cataract), injuries (traumatic cataract), steroid use or as a result of a congenital cataract.

Cataract surgery is painless and the procedure will be explained and discussed in detail beforehand with an opportunity for you to ask all your questions. Ms Sandhu is experienced in the use of premium lenses and can discuss the various options to help you choose the best one for you. The premium lens choice is available only privately.

Ms Sandhu is one of the few cataract surgeons specialising in diabetic and uveitic cataracts. Management of eye inflammation and diabetic eye disease is absolutely essential before cataract surgery with careful monitoring afterwards for best visual results. Ms Sandhu’s expertise in the management of eye inflammation and diabetic eye disease ensures the best visual outcomes for your cataract surgery.